Short Fiction

Of Daniel Taylor’s four published short stories, here are two.

“Chicken Man”

Introduction to Exegesis: 4 credits.
The first task of exegesis is to understand what the writer actually said in the language and setting of his day. This means that the student needs to become acquainted with the grammatical, lexical, textual, literary and historical aspects of the biblical text, and he/she needs to know and use the various exegetical aids which are at his/her disposal.

The ring of the phone was an annunciation. He welcomed it as a relief from the blank screen and maddening blinking cursor of the desktop computer, a graduation gift. He let the phone ring a second time. It still gave him pleasure to have his phone ringing in his own office. That the office was tiny as a monk’s cell made it all the better. He lifted the receiver with the reverence due a holy relic. He put it to his ear and listened for a brief moment before speaking. “Pastor Greg.”

“Hello, Reverend. This is Sam Rivers. I got a problem, Reverend, and I thought you could give me a hand.”

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I won’t have the world this way. It isn’t right. Something had to be done. Why can’t people see it? Does absolutely everything have to putrify before we get a whiff of the stink? What happened to common decency? To common sense? To common anything?

Oh no. No, no, no. We live in the age of the individual. In-di-vid-ual! The big I. The almighty me. Numero Uno. The sacrosanct self. Me! My! Mine! My rights! What’s right for me. What I’ve got coming. Looking out for number one. I did it my way.

Okay, fine. Well, I did it my way, too. Can’t they understand that? I fought fire with fire. I gave them a little of their own medicine. They didn’t like it much, did they? Kind of stuck in their throats going down. Ha! Well there’s more where that came from. If not from me, then from somebody else. I’m not the only one who sees what’s happening. I’m not the only one who isn’t going to take it any more. There are plenty like me out there. Plenty.

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