The Funeral Season

I am entering the funeral season of my life. Two weeks ago I saw two movies in the same week. Last week it was two funerals. Sixty-three myself, the generation above me is starting to die with regularity, and some of the early goers of my generation are beginning to leave. And then, saddest, a few of the younger generation are snatch from us, as Mark was last week.

Mark’s sister said something very wise at the reviewal. “Everyone should have young children around when they grieve.” As she has.

Children can be of great help to grievers. They are honest and open, asking questions about what is happening and why. They also know how to feel sad. Natalie’s five-year-old son walked up to his uncle’s casket and said to him, “I am sorry that you died.”

And they remind us that life, including new life, goes on. Each of us is headed toward eternity—the only uncertainty is the time and circumstances. But as we leave, and hopefully prepare for the leaving, others are beginning the journey, as we did not so long ago.